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CNC Fiber laser Metal Cutting Machine FLX GII Series 3KW-8KW

  • Ultra-precise, high-speed, superior cutting quality. IPG/Raycus laser, 10+ years of a machine body.
  • Fast dual working table, piercing thick metal sheet within 0.24s, saving production time greatly.
  • Acceleration 1.5G. Cutting stainless steel 25mm max, carbon steel 25mm max, aluminum steel 10mm max, brass plate, gold, silver., etc.
  • Safety under all conditionson, conform to European standard electric cabinet design.
  • Processing area 3000mmx1500mm standard, coustomized size available.

Sheet & pipe CNC Laser Cutting Machine FLSP 500W~3KW

  • Both high quality metal sheet& metal tube cutting. CS SS 22mm quality cutting. IPG or Raycus fiber laser .
  • User-oriented design,you can upload the sheet plate very easily.
  • Total weight over 6T, positioning accuracy, ±0.03mm/m, pipe diemensions: diameter 20-200mm,L=3m, 6m, 3000x1500mm customized size available.
  • Easy for pipes loading&adjustment, the claws can be adjust easily according to pipe diameters (20-180mm) for no matter square or round pipe.

What we promise

What we promise

Excellent after-service support with 24/7 online live chat. 95% of cases are resolved by our online technical support team within 24 hours.

Local training & installation support: Customer can skill-used by local training within 4 days and offered free return visit every year.

Quality control system in place: including 5 years non-varnish loss, 10 years non-deformation and positioning precision error under 0.03mm/m.

Fiber laser generator lifetime 10,0000+ hrs of continual running.

2 years warranty and lifetime maintenance available.

One container packaging, more convenient transportation.


With production base located in Wuhan China, EETO Laser is a professional manufacturer of high quality, ultra-precision, fiber laser machinery for metal sheet and pipe processing including laser cutting, welding, marking and auxiliary equipment.

Offering you complete laser machinery industry resources quickly, we have a reputation of outstanding customer service, high quality products and 10+ years’ experience. 

Please feel free to contact us via sales@eetomachinery.com or +86-18995511809.

Current distributors of EETO

  • Tai Wan
  • Macedonia
  • America
  • Indonesia
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  • Brazil
  • Mexico
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